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                                 The  important  thing  is  to  create.
                                  Nothing  else  matters;  creation is all

Pablo  Picasso


What is creativity?   How do we recognize it?  What makes a creative mind?  A creative life?  How does a creative movement come into being?  What is the relation between creativity and tradition?  How is creativity affected by freedom and constraint?  Is creativity revolutionary or evolutionary?  How does culture shape creativity?  How does the intrusion of one culture affect the creativity of another culture?  How do knowledge, beliefs, desires, emotions, aesthetics, reason shape the creative mind?  What are the similarities and differences between science and art?  Between science and technology?  Between art and technology?  Between 'Now' and 'Then'?  Between 'Us' and 'Them?  Is the scholar a creative being?  The autobiographer?  The craftsman or artisan?  How do polymaths and renaissance wo/men achieve their creativity?  Can the computer create?

These are the questions I've been preoccupied with for the past twenty or so years.  And the more I ponder, the more I learn, the more mysterious does creativity become.

My second major preoccupation is the nature of what I call the Indo-Western mind -- the ways in which a cross-cultural mentality created out of a fusion of Western and Indian cultures manifests itself.

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